Posted by: deadmousediaries | May 3, 2009

The Dead Mouse Diaries – from Mitchell Kyd

Welcome to my blog: Dead Mouse Diaries.  This is where it all began…

It was already dead by the time I found it. Poor thing. It must surely have taken a beating before it went down. Its little body lay lifeless on the floor;  its neck broken in the fall, no doubt. The cat sat grinning on the arm of the sofa. He had been tried for this offense before and now viewed me with impunity, burning the words double jeopardy into my brain with his laser-like focus. I scooped up the carcass gently and cradled it in my hand. Not a spark of life remained. This time I knew no glue gun magic would ever repair the dead mouse on my desktop.

A whole day of working at home had just squeaked to a halt. Options flashed before me. Commute. Lie. Go back to bed. Instead I grabbed my journal and headed outside. The realization that I could scribble, draw and make margin notes without a power source seemed foreign and familiar all at once, a more vivid version of the naked-in-public dream. Now, without the click of a keyboard to mechanize my thinking, I found myself paying absolute attention to the world that had inspired its virtual prototype inside my computer. The blank paper felt rich and promising under my pen and I started to wonder what it was I really wanted now that I was unplugged for the day. I scribbled the words Dead Mouse Diaries across the top of a fresh page and started a list.

I want all the blessings I already have plus more sun and green grass, less churn in my gut, a shorter to-do list, fewer decisions and three extra hours in the day for a huge, guilt-free nap. I want to sit on the concrete steps of my back porch with a glass of chocolate milk in my hand and a scrambled egg sandwich balanced on my knee without understanding the acronym of LDL. I want to share my crumbs with the sparrows and not have to worry about naming the names of who joined me for lunch, purely for accounting purposes. No executive briefings on the morning’s activities will be required. I want to look up at the sky and see a hippopotamus lumbering by instead of viewing the bulging storm cloud about to undo six weeks of work on my latest big event.

I want to look down and see a band-aid on my elbow from some wonderful misadventure sliding down a shale bank instead of the one pasted in the crook of my arm from the latest siphoning that evaluates my middle-age malady of the month. I want to see cobwebs in the grass and overlook them in my kitchen. I want to feel the sun getting stronger, knowing that it will eventually drive me into shade of a maple tree, not into an air-conditioned office. I want to run over my cell phone. Several times. After breakfast, I’d like to open all the windows without worrying about bugs or burglars.

Later, I might want to be transported to Harry Potter’s world to ride the staircases and learn to cast a few spells of my own. When time stops after lunch so I can sink into my nap, I want to close my eyes and find myself in my grandmother’s backyard. The jenny wren will be chattering, scolding, my grandmother called it. The breeze will always come right on cue with the most wonderful blend of lily of the valley, horses and axle grease. A load of my Pap’s coveralls will be waving from the clothesline and the willow tree will making that sshhhhhsssshhhsss sound as it dangles its long arms nearly to the ground.

I’ll flop across my grandma’s chaise lounge any way I please because no one is going to walk past and comment on the size of my thighs or ogle my beaudacious tattas. I will dissolve into the cushions knowing that I will not be disturbed because I have already run over all my phones. Several times. Too much to ask?

©2009 Mitchell Kyd. All rights reserved.



  1. I want to join you in running over cell phones. Several times. And then have a party to celebrate!

    • You are the BEST! Thank you for everything, Amazing.

  2. I can visualize it all right now. Eloquently said. Now go make it happen!

    • Thanks for reading — and for this nudge. The thought has been kinda scary – UUN!

  3. Wow! What memories this evoked! Thanks for the mini-vacation!

    • Peggy – thanks for such positive feedback. I’m hoping that a lot of people will relate. I’m so glad you got a smile –and a break!

  4. Love your word pictures! Our dreams our similar — very small detail differences. We’ll share on Thursday!

    • Thank you for wonderful comment — and for commenting! Talk to you tomorrow a.m.

  5. This definitely painted a picture in my mind. I would like to read more…..

    • Thanks, Barb! I think next Wednesday’s topic will be about marriage/relationships/annivesaries. It’s called “Something that Says I Love You Like a Dead Mouse on the Doorstep.” Please tune in again!

  6. Completely Awesome! Will be forwarding to share it with two of my writing friends and several others! Your talent is beyond beyond! I loved it! Will be waiting for more and the “Secret” will bring your writings to the “Big Boys”. What a talent (sure beats doing newsletters!). The big wave ride on the surfboard is on it’s way (I feel it)….hold on to your tataas !!!

    • Thank you, Miss Gail! More lunches are in order!

  7. I want more!!!! I wanted to turn the page. I was there with you. I felt the breeze and was feeling the warm sun. Now, I have to make an egg sandwich.. :o)

    I truly enjoyed this, your writing grabbed me and it was easy to stay in the moment.

    I look forward to future postings.

  8. Wow!! Your writing skills are fantastic. Give us more, more, more! This proves it…”you’re not getting older – only BETTER”. So looking forward to seeing you on May 20th.

    • Thank you, Evie! Thanks too for the birthday card and wonderful feedback on the PST item.

    • Thanks for the support! Tune in again Wednesday — and please DO tell 50 of your closest personal friends about Dead Mouse Dairies! 8 )

  9. Thanks for painting a picture of absolute bliss after such a long day in my air conditioned office! My best to you and this is where the rubber meets the road or in your case – where the mouse gets the cheese.

  10. Yvonne, You have put a calming on my day with your beautiful, evocative words. I look forward to more from your Dead Mouse Diary adventure.

  11. It’s been fun visiting you world. Thanks for having me.

  12. As i often tell Joey , you can get lost in a book . I got lost in thought as i was reading your blog. You put so much feelings into what you say. It made me think of my childhood and some of the things that i wish that i had back. I want more!!!!!!!

  13. Another gem! Delightful………..and I want to be in that sunshine too!

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