Posted by: deadmousediaries | August 10, 2009

Longing for the Beach – from Mitchell Kyd

   The beach vacation ended yesterday but not before we had wrung out every drop of joy from the very last moment.  Even with the laundry bag  filled and pockets empty, the magic wasn’t over until we called it.  The gulls still screached their perfect serenade and the sky was still too blue to be real. 

   Lunch on the second floor of an open-air cafe gave us one last spectacular view of the beach as we watched the Campbells and the Progressos strut and preen in the surf for the final time.   Oh for a pair of binoculars!

   The good news about the last day of your vacation is that it always puts you one day closer to to the start of  the next one.  

Savor your longings – Mitchell Kyd


  1. Ah… the beach… the great escape that we look forward to a year away, and yes, beginning on the last day of this vacation.
    Inhibitions do seem to fade while cavorting in the surf, or simply becoming lost in the dazzle of the sunrise that blocks out all consciousness of other beings around you.

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