Posted by: deadmousediaries | March 29, 2010

Ask for Libby, Libby Like the Label- a Kyd Pick from Mitchell Kyd

Life is short.  Choose happiness.  I was once again so happy with myself recently that I took me to lunch on a Sunday afternoon. Outback Steakhouse serves amazing, seasoned green beans next to beautiful roasted pork and that’s where I landed while travelling through Hagerstown, Maryland.  The hostess loved my purple hair (my internal sarcasm scanner is never wrong on this issue) and in those first seconds of connecting just with her, I knew that the rest of my afternoon was about to reveal wonderful surprises. I asked her to send me a server who would “get me” and that’s when I met Libby, “Libby like the label,”  she told me when she introduced herself.

She approached my table with a genuine smile and seeing that I was dining alone, slid into the empty seat across from me to take my order.  Not precocious. Not assuming. Just authentic like a friend I was meeting for the very first time.  As she headed to the kitchen with my order, I caught a look at the back of her shirt. It was plastered like a billboard with all of the traditional Outback badges and trappings but hers were arranged in a huge smiley face.  This was no ordinary encounter.

The food was great – attractively presented and served hot. I  expected that. Libby made all the difference in the experience, not just because she was attentive and had polished all her serving skills but because she took the time to engage me and made me feel welcome in her world that afternoon. She had come to work to have fun and it tumbled over into my day as well.

I often dine alone and have gotten pretty comfortable doing that. I have also watched other singles sitting alone and I’ve seen the dismissive, autopilot response they frequently get from servers. Often times these diners are elderly men and I wonder what circumstances have brought them there.  Stepping out alone sometimes takes courage; how much more is required from a server to make  that restaurant experience a highlight of their day?

We have come to accept — no, to expect — that customer service in this country will be impersonal at best, and perhaps even rude. At times, we’re just happy to get what we order, on time and in consumable condition.  Well, we get what we deserve if we don’t expect better.

The world is full of Libbys but we sometimes we need to ask for them.  Find delight in your day by attracting it and not settling for anything less.  If  it doesn’t find you, seek it out; ask for a Libby everywhere you go.  And  if you are visiting in Hagerstown, MD, stop at Outback Steakhouse and ask for the original Libby, Libby like the label.  She will show you what customer service is really all about so you can settle in to enjoy the experience, not just the food.    Tell her Mitchell Kyd sent you.

   Have you found a Libby that you want the world to know about??

Copyright 2010. Mitchell Kyd. All rights reserved.




  1. You dont find many Libby’s anymore , but when you do let them know how you feel about them.

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