Posted by: deadmousediaries | July 24, 2010

Dancing Naked in the Moonlight – a suggestion from Mitchell Kyd

Lunar largess is upon us once again and it’s the perfect night for a moontan. I don’t mean sit outside in lawn chairs late tonight with all your friends and neighbors. I mean sneak out all alone and shimmy out of your underpinnings so you can avoid the tan lines.

It is minus 253 degrees Farenheit on the moon at night. Doesn’t that sound wonderfully brisk and refreshing after the temps we’ve battled this week? Even better, those cool rays are free, no electric bills, no batteries required.

It was 41 years ago this week, July 20th, that Neil Armstrong became the first human (that we know about) to step onto the moon. July was a good time to visit if you ask me. (I bet there won’t be many babies born in April 2011.)

Remember the story about the obscure words at the end of Armstong’s famous line: “One small step for man; one giant leap for mankind”? The rest of the story is that he added: “Good luck, Mr. Gorsky” as part of his awe-inspiring first broadcast from the moon.

Mr Gorsky, as the story has it, was Armstrong’s neighbor as he was growing up. I always envision a nice little ’50s manicured neighborhood with clapboard houses, porch swings and adjoining back yards. Bedroom windows faced bedroom windows and on still summer nights, the air carried conversations across the open spaces as clearly as radio transmitters. Among all the other unavoidable interceptions that reached Neil Armstrong’s ears one of those nights was a perturbed Mrs. Gorsky snarling to the mister on what I know was a sweltering July full moon: “Sex? You want sex? You’ll get sex the day the kid next door walks on the moon!”

Any woman who has shared an upstairs bedroom with her partner in the days before air conditioning can certainly understand poor Mr. Gorsky’s dilemma. We can also understand that in the July heat, his wife’s response was no threat; it was a promise.

This urban legend made its first appearance on the Internet in 1995 and it’s too bad that Snopes has now rebuked the whole incident as bunk. The NASA tapes confirm it; ole’ Neil never mentioned Mr. Gorsky. But it makes such a great story —and as they say, truth should never get in the way of that.

It’s believable to me because I myself once heard our neighborhood’s own version of the Gorsky’s conversation snaking its way in through my window late one full moon night. In that case, the wife’s version of “No means no!” was a little more detailed with a few expletives and it included talk of the actual severing of some body parts if her husband did not back off. I was staying with my very hip and cool grandmother at the time who also heard it. It was a remark that bridged the generations and it made great breakfast giggles between the two of us the next morning. Our neighbor became known as Whack! Whack! from that day forward. There is no dispute for Snopes to uncover on this one; it’s all true.

But what about tonight’s full moon? I say, dance naked in the moonlight. Like everything else in life; enjoy it when you can. You never know if you’ll be given another chance. When the house gets quiet, slip away and find yourself a place to bask in the full glow of that refreshing slice of luminescent cucumber. Peel off your clothes and let the cool night air aerate your soul. If by chance a tiny breeze raises goose-flesh, all the better. Revel in it. Enjoy the tingle of waking up the kid inside you who remembers how to be alive in summer, running through the rainbows in the sprinklers, swimming til your lips turn blue, staying out late to out-hoot the hoot owls from your back yard tent.

Don’t let the adult inside you guilt you into turning the whole idea into some kind of ism that it isn’t: exhibitionism, eroticism, heathenism. Experience dancing naked in the moonlight it for what it is: a rush, a reminder, a catharsis, an awakening and a joyous celebration of being alive in yet another summer. Or so I’ve been told. ; )

Copyright 2010. Mitchell Kyd. All rights reserved.


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