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What Is Your Dog Saying about You? – an interview from Mitchell Kyd

The editor of the Bedford County Humane Society newsletter recently contacted us to do a story about our adopted dog, Charlie.  At the risk of hearing things I didn’t want to know, I offered to conduct the interview. It was tough to set myself apart as a journalist and try to forget that I am also Charlie’s grandmother but I am nothing if not objective. Charlie is a border collie mix who came to us out of the BCHS foster care system last year. For the first time, she speaks  out about her relationships with our family in this exclusive interview.

Mitchell Kyd: Tell us a little something about your new family?

Charlie: One of the things I love about my people is that they tell me every day that I’m beautiful.  I never get tired of hearing it!  But, I do think that’s why the cat resented me at first. He’s a good looking kid, too – by cat standards – but sometimes he has a bad attitude and I think that puts people off.

Kyd: It’s interesting that your family chose to name you “Charlie.”  How do you feel about that as a female?

Charlie: I love it!  It’s a great conversation starter and I think it reflects my playful, creative side.  It also tells people right from the start that I’m not the kind of girl who’s afraid to get her paws dirty.

Kyd: Every girl has a guilty pleasure or two. Do you have one that you’re willing to share?
Charlie: I love having my teeth brushed! My mom buys this special toothpaste that tastes just like peanut butter and although I’m ashamed to admit it, I start to drool as soon as I see the brush.  This part of my grooming ritual is my favorite; it’s a special bonding time between the two of us.
Kyd: Now that cold weather’s here, what’s your favorite way to spend a winter afternoon?
Charlie: This will shock a lot of people but I like spending time with the cat.  He’s adopted, too, and he’s become a really brilliant philosopher.  Sometimes when the family is gone we just sit on the sofa together and talk or watch Animal Planet.  Other times, he knocks all the interesting stuff off the table and kitchen counters so I can hide it in the sofa cushions. We make a great team.
Kyd: It’s that time of year when everyone is making New Year’s Resolutions and setting goals for the coming year.  Is there anything new on your wish list?
Charlie:  I’d like to have 800 friends and my own fan page on Facebook.  That’s taking longer than I thought. It’s hard to set that up when you don’t have thumbs.
Kyd: You seem to be quite happy with your new family! Do you have any tips for others on how to make a good adjustment in their adopted homes?

Charlie: First, you have to align yourself with the real power player in the household.  In my family, it’s my grandmother. After I wriggled my way into her heart at that first meeting, the rest was a piece of cake. Also, I recommend setting your expectations from Day One.  For instance, my family expected me to sleep alone in the kitchen. To avoid that, I pretended to fall asleep on the sofa with my mom that first night and then I gave the grandmother the adorable sleepy eyes when she came to get me. She was powerless to make me move and I’ve had the run of the house ever since.

Kyd: If you could change just one thing about your family, what would it be?

Charlie: My mom insists on kissing me in public.  I wish she would back off a little on the PDA.  I’m not a puppy anymore; it’s embarrassing.

Kyd: Any final thoughts you’d like to share?

Charlie: My grandmother said she could never open her heart to another dog because she still misses her Rottie who passed away. That kind of thinking is a challenge but I pulled out all the stops. (I discovered she’s a sucker for my sad-dog face.) Now she tells people she didn’t realize how empty the house must have been before I joined the family. Truthfully, I’m  thrilled that I was the one who appeared in her moment of weakness. I’m just happy that I was there to bring back all her joy.



  1. Since we have recently adopted 2 new kitties from the CVAS………this story just totally cracks me up! We had to put our 15 1/2 year old cat to rest, leaving us with 1 nine year old. While out window shopping, we fell in love with 2 marvelous kitties that have stolen our hearts. (The shelter was running a BOGO special, and I AM a bargain shopper!)
    I think they have some of those same qualities as the Charlie to be bad, yet be able to get away with the mischief. Animals, they certainly liven up our home.

  2. I just loved reading this “interview” with Charlie. There is something so special about the “other” members of our families who have charmed their way into our lives. Thanks for sharing! Have a very Merry Christmas! Give Charlie a hug!

  3. Oh, my where to start, I love,love ,love this interview. It just cracks me up! Me, Money and Licorice have those same conversations, imagine that!! i just wish you could see Moneys face sometimes when she sees certain family members, they put on the funniest facial expressions. They go from What not me , to I love you mommy in an instant! Man Yvonne you inspire me, i have to interview Licorice about Money now. You keep me entertained, God Bless you

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