Posted by: deadmousediaries | May 5, 2011

TQ Cheat Sheet – answers to Sunday’s quiz from Mitchell Kyd

Stop right there!  If you haven’t read: “I Less-Than-Three You” from the 5/1/2011 post, you will be cheating by reading this note!  That earlier post about the short-talk we’re learning to use in today’s techno-driven society included two little quizzes. The answer to the second one is included here, just on the chance you care.

If this all sounds new to you,  begin by scrolling down my blog roll to 5/1/2011 and see how you would score without the cheat sheet included below:

Tumblr is a blog platform.  You are reading this blog on WordPress.  Another familiar name in this category is Blogger.

Ning is a niche network that lets you customize the network of people you want to communicate with electronically.  Equate this  kind of service as being similar to LinkedIn and Plaxo.

Slacker is one of the products that helps manage your music.  You might also be using Pandora for this purpose.

Yelp is a customer service network.  Have a complaint about a bad restaurant experience? Yelp!

Plurk is a product for managing micro media. I bet you’ll recognize a well-known competitor in this arena: Twitter.

Tangler is a live discussion forum in one of the blogging communities. Shyftr, Blogged and Bloglines offer similar connections for on-line users.

Foursquare is a location service similar to Trip It.

BeBo is a social network.  (Cousin to Facebook, My Space, etc)

Viddler is a video product manager. You know more about this type of service than you think.. Recognize the name YouTube? That also falls into this category.

Scribd helps manage and share documents and slides. You may have used this service via Slideshare or .docstoc.

Hope that was helpful. Or at least interesting. Or possibly a diversion after a long day.

Are we having fun yet???



  1. My age must be showing………….I only got 2 right on the quiz!!!

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