Posted by: deadmousediaries | July 22, 2012

News from the Path Valley Hotel, Episode #3 – Notes on the Fridge

Every start-up venture needs a mission and vision. From the very beginning, our mission at the Path Valley Hotel was simple: Go with the flow and allow good things to happen here.  (Now that we have a toilet that flushes, we continue to tweak that.)

It’s been quite an adventure, reclaiming a living space from a giant closet. Among the pieces-parts I uncovered was a set of magnetic alphabet letters. I had learned a lot in my corporate life about the importance of team member buy-in on all those over-arching concepts so I knew what to do. Most businesses keep their semantics plastered in full view for everyone’s daily viewing pleasure and I wasted no time in making yet another trip to my neighborhood vision and mission graphic design store (Dollar General) I bought a few more sets of magnetic letters…

A major concept in our vision statement was established the first day we had an appropriate area to display it. I think we may be on to something. Wouldn’t life be a lot more fun (and the world a happier place) if all our really important messages could be expressed in big, chunky, vibrant letters and posted as notes on the fridge?

Copyright  2012. Mitchell Kyd. All rights reserved.


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