Posted by: deadmousediaries | July 31, 2012

News from the Path Valley Hotel, Episode #26 – Meet Jim and Wanda

Handsome Jim is now appearing in velvet.

The Monday soiree here at the Path Valley Hotel was particularly noteworthy. The darlings of the social scene,  Jim and Wanda,  created quite a stir. They spent nearly 40 minutes entertaining guests as they nosed into the remaining berry bushes and enjoyed a night cap at the salt lick  (the deer, not the guests).

The two often arrive early in the morning and sometimes stroll through again in early evening and they always appear as a couple. They first appeared in March when hotel construction began in earnest and they visit often, having yet to be unsettled by the influx of humans into their browsing grounds.

Wanda realizes something feels a little off but doesn’t get alarmed.

Jim was named after the Hotel’s founder, architect and builder. Wanda was named for his wife. The doe always accompanies Jim and rarely loses sight of him, just as the original Wanda did after nearly 61 years of marriage,  up until the moment Jim earned his wings and got to fly away nearly a year ago. Wanda is still lost and waiting.

Hotel founder, architect and builder Jim with his wife Wanda.


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