Posted by: deadmousediaries | August 3, 2012

News from the PVH, Episode #29-B – The Undress Rehersal

Well, you might think this is embarrassing but after all that Hotel hoopla about howling and dancing naked last night, you have no doubt discovered that it is TONIGHT that  is indeed full moon.  Do you think I made an egregious error OR did I only post that a day early to get you primed?

Be honest, when you woke up this morning and realized you had missed it, didn’t you feel  cheated? Didn’t it tick you off that once again, you had decided not to run with the wolves and had missed the glory earned by the wild things?

Well you can thank me now for setting your clock to Path Valley Hotel time. Take a look outside your window.  You haven’t missed a thing. The glorious full moon is waiting for you now, exactly right on schedule.  Yesterday’s post was just an undress rehersal.


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