Posted by: deadmousediaries | August 30, 2012

News from the Path Valley Hotel, Episode # 16-B -A Little Something Extra for the Couch Potatoes

    This is the view from the Path Valley Hotel sofa- not too shabby for a joint with only one bathroom. There are lots of unexpected amenities here,  just like this one.  An oddly calming  side effect of the view this time of year is the syncopated plopping of acorns on the roof as you burrow down between the pillows for a nap.

   When my friend DW visits, she calls the Hotel my treehouse. Remember my dilemma in Epsiode #16 – What’s in a Name? Maybe the Path Valley Hotel isn’t a good fit after all. If you think  Path Valley Treehouse holds more appeal, “like” this post and let me know. It’s not too late to change my logo.



  1. I like Path Valley Tree House. You can always advertise that all squirrels and “nuts” are welcome. Sounds like a plan to me.

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