Posted by: deadmousediaries | September 26, 2012

News from the Path Valley Hotel, Episode #37 – Nearby Points of Interest: Fine Dining

If you crave nouvelle cuisine or like your pomegranate pieces drizzled with 72% cacao, then turn around. Do not head for the Path Valley Hotel. What we have here — if anything– is good ole’ gooey, doughy central PA cookin’ with a few ham bones thrown in. We are fortunate however, to have several fine dining establishments within easy driving distance. For the health conscious as example, we have a Subway eight miles south. If your late night supper desire is sparked by the intrigue of  international fare, we have pizza joints east, west and south all that claim to serve Old World Italian slices.

We also have  (just ten minutes in two directions) our own Asian eateries, number one, both of them. If General Tso and his chicken don’t command your attention, the promise of that sweet, life-changing surprise at the end is most surely worth your trip. “Our” restaurants are reputed to have the finest fortunes in all of fortune cookiedom and I think you will agree.

Forget those silly lines you’ve read stuffed in other cookies. Who cares if  “Man who crush cookie to find fortune will have crummy day.” comes true? And I don’t need to know about the travel accident coverage of strangers when some busybody reveals:  “Man who rush through subway turnstile going to Bangkok.”  No, sir!  This is the kind of message you will get when you visit surrounding Hotel eateries and trust me, it is information you can use. Are you ready? Here it comes:


Yes, that’s it: When the moment comes, take the last one from the left.  Simple, direct and hard to misinterpret, Grasshopper. Stay tuned to see how this truth unfolds here at the Path Valley Hotel and at nearby points of interest.



  1. Sounds like a Table Topic for writers. I look forward to hearing where you take this one.

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