Posted by: deadmousediaries | October 4, 2012

Oops! Almost Forgot! Full Moon Trivia Answers

Thanks to everyone who submitted answers to Saturday’s full moon trivia quiz; oddly no one had them all completely correct. (One stumper seemed to be the verb George Bailey used in his moon reference in It’s a Wonderful Life which was “lasso.”) In case you’ve been kept awake by the details, here are all 20 answers.

1. Gidget’s boyfriend was Moondoggie.

2. The world was watching this Eagle as it landed on the moon as part of the Apollo 11 mission. It was was also known as the lunar module.

3. A shiveree is performed to celebrate (or disrupt?) a honeymoon.

4. Members of the Unification Church are popularly known as Moonies, named after self-proclaimed messiah Rev. Sun Myung Moon.

5. The big green butterfly thingey is a Luna Moth. It has moonlike spots on its wings and is named after Luna (a.k.a. Diana), the Roman goddess of the moon.

6. Cher and Nicholas Cage starred in Moonstruck.

7. The song Radar Love came from the album Moontan by Golden Earring.

8. The little bat whose heroic efforts were crafted into a best-selling children’s book was Stella Luna.

9. The lyrics: “Neath the cover of October skies/And all the leaves on the trees are falling/To the sound of the breezes that blow”  come from Van Morrison’s recording of  Marvelous Night for a Moontan.

10. Moonshine was the home-grown moneymaker for the Bondurant brothers as depicted in the current hit movie Lawless.

11. Grease characters Doodie, Putzie and Sonny (and the fighting Scots in Braveheart) all bared their behinds in a public display of mooning.

12. Dean Martin wanted us to believe:  When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie, that’s amore.

13. She is the oldest child of cutting- edge rocker Frank Zappa. Her name is Moon Unit.

14. In the 50s TV show The Honeymooners, Gleason’s character was famous for telling his wife: “One of these days, Alice, BANG! ZOOM! straight to the moon.

15. That southern gastronomic delight made with marshmallows, chocolate and graham crackers is not a s’more; it’s a moonpie.

16. Andy Willam’s famous show-opening tune was Moon River which debuted in the movie Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

17. George Bailey told Mary he would lasso the moon for her. Years later, Mary uses the reference to tell him: “George Bailey lassoes stork.”

18.  In Native American story-telling, historical events took place many moons ago.

19. Mr. Wilson had been anxiously waiting 40 years for the blossoming of a rare species of moonflower that blooms only once and wilts within seconds.

20. Beethoven’s Piano Sonata No. 14 in c-sharp minor is more commonly known  as Moonlight Sonata.

There you have it!



  1. Did anyone win? Flat Stanley took one look at the questions and knew she was way out of her depth.

    • No winners, Flat Stanely. I think you were in good company.

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