Posted by: deadmousediaries | July 10, 2013

News from the Path Valley Hotel, Episode #62 – Proof of Aliens!!


   I caught a glimpse of it out of the corner of my eye as I was climbing into the Jeep: a translucent disk suspended in mid-air.
   Proof of aliens at the Path Valley Hotel?
      When I stepped out to get a closer look, it vanished. I looked up, squatted down, edged closer then finally took two steps back until it came into view again. A narrow band of sun shot a projection ray behind it as I messed with my photo settings. One, two, three photos – none captured exactly what I was seeing but it was already too late.  In less than a minute, the sunlight that had electrified it among the shadows had already moved on to illuminating other things. I had to settle for Close Enough. The disk was still suspended there, but the chance to prove it in a photo had already passed.
   What I saw and am sharing with you here is real.  Had you been with me, you could have touched it.
   Knowing that it had been put in place quietly while we slept made it as spectacular to me as any artifact from the Area 51 collection. In truth, it wasn’t an artifact; it was art.  It was the completed works of a little spider known as an orb weaver.
   Orb weaver spiders exhibit their masterpieces in all kinds of open galleries: fields, forests and your summer garden. They are the third largest family of eight-eyed, hairy-legged architects we often think of only as creepy- crawlies and they may be the original proponents of the concept that form follows function. Move over Frank Lloyd Wright! Wiki tells me there are over 10,000 species of these little designers and now I want to research a video of their work in progress. The web I saw was so intricately woven it resembled the precision writing of a CD.
   I don’t know why I was already parked in the exact, perfect spot that provided the back-lighting for this web to be revealed and I’m not sure why I looked out my window when I did instead of flying down the driveway as usual. But I was and I did and what I saw stopped me in my tracks. This is exactly the kind of thing I love about the Path Valley Hotel: surprises.
   Everything I learned about appreciating nature I learned from my dad. I’d like to think that this spectacular morning ah-ha was all of his doing,  his way of simply checking in.  I took it as his reminder that all our days are filled with amazing little miracles but we must make the time to notice.  The rest of  his message?  Celebrate this single moment. We were never meant to hold onto what we see; life is a glorious but impermanent image.



  1. The greenery along one of the roads I walk is festooned in spring with dozens of spider webs. The sun is behind them so I get the same view you did. It never fails to delight me!

  2. Thanks for sharing! How cool!!! Life is indeed full of amazing moments.

  3. You make me smile every time. Thank you for sharing your joy!

    • Miss you! Leaving in 16 hours for Georgia to see my soldier!!!

      Sent from my Verizon Wireless 4GLTE smartphone

  4. Oh I love surprises like that when we least expect them. I do believe you were meant to see and be reminded that without the light being just right some things are hidden from our view. The light warms our heart and reminds us to take time to look and appreciate all the beautiful details around us.

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