Posted by: deadmousediaries | June 14, 2014

News from the Path Valley Hotel: Episode #41 – Full Moon Dancing


We have no ballroom here at the Path Valley Hotel which is one of the things I love about full moon nights. There is absolutely no place inside to be dancing naked. The lure of summer’s lunar cycle demands that we usher our guests out into the moonlight. It will be the single most cathartic moment of their stay. The ridge-runners and the moon howlers already know the power of this primordial abandon. When that luminescent wafer commands the night sky, her cool white rays wake the sleeping parts of us that even the sun can not penetrate.

It will be easy to identify the first-time full moon dancers; they will waste too much time watching to see who might be watching. Their movements will be guarded, nearly non-existent, as they struggle against their own primeval instincts to leave the world behind and accept pure joy as their entitlement.

The rest of us will have dropped our anxiety and our expectations in the pile with our clothes and will not sacrifice one precious moment. We will open our arms, our eyes, and our throats lest a single drop of moonlight splash to the ground and be wasted.

Ten minutes from the Hotel is the perfect spot for beginners’ moon gazing. We will offer a midnight shuttle service if you’d like a view not framed by our exquisite hardwoods;  it is the elixir we serve our guests who need some transition time to be ready for moon dancing.  Broad,  flat rocks cling to the side of the mountain face there where the earth and sky are sewn together. Something in the spot changes the way you breathe, the thinness of the air, the trailing scent of pines or the pffffffttttt of owl wings beyond your range of sight. Even on the warmest nights, gooseflesh rises as you dangle at the Edge of Everything. Moon howling is delicious there, and your song rolls down the mountainside until it is joined by the other wild things, an a cappella celebration of the night. Stay until morning and revel again in a sunrise hand-painted just for you.

Dancing naked in the moonlight is not about releasing pheromones or drawing in a mate.  It is about peeling back the rusty layers of  the you you used to be. Our Hotel guests are encouraged to step outside and be immersed but it’s a solitary revelation.  If you hear my howl rolling down the mountainside, please don’t try to find me. I will be dancing my own version of the  magic dance,  a wild thing in the moonlight.



  1. “Dancing naked in the moonlight . . . is about peeling back the rusty layers of the you you used to be.” Great!

  2. You make me smile…….as they say, dance like no one is watching and let it go!

  3. Yvonne, these stories are just wonderful and really need to be in your own book. Not someone else’s. Whenever I bring up any wonderful point about a book, I always hear,”well, she just has a book store!”. So what! I can tell when there is talent and I enjoy it. Write on! Ami

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