Posted by: deadmousediaries | September 11, 2014

Body, Wallet and Soul – Some Kyd Picks from Cyberspace

Putting aside all the truly frightening stuff that comes across your Internet connection, cyberspace is an amazing gap filler for our galaxy, isn’t it? Google reports that it records 40,000 Internet searches every second; that’s more than 3.5 billion (with a “b”) every day. Google holds 78 percent of the market so you need to extrapolate another 22 percent of web users to get a handle on what’s really happening with search engines daily. Given the enormity of that, it’s also a wonder than we actually find time to make any real connections with actual people much less make time to linger on sites anywhere.

That’s why I love it when friends personally recommend a clip or site they like. I thought I might return the favor by offering you a couple of my favorites, the Kyd Picks I’ve unearthed during my blogging experience. I hope you’ll find them good for your body, your wallet and your soul!

For your body, (well at least your taste buds) check out I love this blog! Mild-mannered HR manager by day (my words, not hers), blogger Christine Friesenhahn is a sassy Texas writer, competitive chef and self-admitted foodie in her off hours. Like me, she is a story-teller. She has a quick wit and great understanding of the word plays that make topics sound naughty even when they’re not. Check out posts like: A Boy.. a Tape Measure.. and a Foot-Long Weenie or God Save the Queen and Spotted Dick. She’s a mom and wife and I can totally relate to so much of what she writes about –except the ending of her posts. Every post includes some incredible recipes, complete with photos, that let you know that she’s as creative in the kitchen as she is at the keyboard. All of my really good friends know that the kitchen scares me so I try to avoid it but that doesn’t mean I don’t drool like Pavlov’s dog when I read Christine’s recipes for things like Beer Bacon Peanut Brittle or Peanut Butter Ice Cream with Cayenne Spiced Bacon and Pecans. You can also find more of her incredible edibles on Pinterest.

Now, about your wallet. A friend of mine (as in a person I have actually met and who lives nearby) has just started a new blog: It might sound like an advertisement for some well-heeled investment firm but it is nearly the opposite. My friend Nathan Martin is on the road to personal financial freedom with his young family by examining the everyday choices we all make about our spending and savings habits. His posts are written in small bites that are easy to digest. He offers nearly painless actions we can all take on a regular basis to build our bank accounts and replace financial burdens with more happiness. Check out his Frugal Friday posts or 3 Simple Rules of Money. You can also request his Step by Step Guide to Financial Freedom for free. (And free should fit right into your budget!)

Be good to your soul.  I’ve run across some amazing photography on some beautiful sites but one of my very favorite caregivers when it comes to feeding my soul is photographer Patrick Latter. (  His magnificent images from his hiking trips and life adventures can transport you to a place that exists only  in his photos. It is his eye for subtraction as much as his skillful use of the tools of his trade that create the striking captures of light that distinguish so much of his work.  I love his nature photography which always fills me with peace but I am equally entranced by his interpretations of the human species that infuse me with energy. Check out his recent posts of pix from the Burning Man gathering in Nevada.

And finally, add some music to your cyberspace cruising. Check out any YouTube clip of 2Cellos. Yes, cellos. As in baby bass or oversized viola. I don’t even remember how I stumbled on to them a few weeks ago but I am hooked. Rethink what you know about songs like Highway to Hell, Smooth Criminal, Human Nature, or Welcome to the Jungle and then try to imagine those hits translated by four strings only. It is impossible to describe what the duo of  Luka Sulic and Stjepan Hauser of Croatia have been  able to demand of the cello. You have to see and hear it. Their talent is incredible. The chemistry between them makes me feel that I’m watching one mind directing four hands and two bodies. I always wonder where they go when they close their eyes as they are playing; they are surely not tethered to this world.  Watch their performance of Benedictus or the Shostakovich Prelude and maybe you will feel as I do. They are more than extraordinary musicians; they are channels for the music.

So there you have it, my cyberspace Kyd Picks of the day. I hope you’ll get a chance to visit at least one of these sites and if you do, tell ’em Mitchell Kyd sent you.  No one but Nathan will have a clue who that is but that’s okay!  ; )  MK





  1. Thanks for sharing!!!

    • Karin – you in particular will LOVE Christine’s posts! I hope you have time to check her out; you’ll want to read more!

  2. Hey Kyd! Thanks for the shout out!

    • You r welcome, my friend! Saw a couple of clicks from my post to your site. Sharing is good!

  3. Great music choice!

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